Mikaela Steby Stenfalk

Behind the Glass


A product that tells its own story (production process) - Design Academy Eindhoven - 2014


Making use of already beautiful elements from the production process, creating objects that tell their own story, which adds a new layer to the experience of using them. In this case, leaving parts of the beautiful pear wood mold on the glasses, revealing the history behind them, meanwhile given a purpose as a handle.


This project started out in a research on pear wood. By interviewing carpenters, wood experts, reading about its historical background, and hands-on research on the pear tree itself, I finally ended up in glass blowing. So i visited Leerdam Glass Museum, which has a long history of working with pear wood from its surroundings. As a last experiment, I decided to try it out: I made a mold out of pear wood, and I went to a glass blower to try it out. But although the glasses were beautiful, there was barely no trace of its production process, so I thought of a way to let the glasses tell their own story.


Special thanks to Rasmus Nossbring for the glass-blowing.


Professor: Nadine Sterk, Lonny van Ryswyck & Ilse Crawford


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