Mikaela Steby Stenfalk



ArkDes' new studio gallery for emerging architecture & design - Stockholm, Sweden - 2017/2018


In approximately one year's time, I worked as a Curator for Contemporary Architecture and Design at ArkDes, Swedish National Centre for Architecture and Design in Stockholm. Together with Director Kieran Long, I then researched and developed the concept and realisation of ArkDes’ new studio gallery Boxen, which opened on June 20th 2018.


Boxen is a new platform within ArkDes where new voices can to inspire discussions about architecture, design, the built environment, and their relationship to society over the next four years.


The gallery is designed by Dehlin Brattgård Architects and has a bold graphic identity designed by Studio Reko, both chosen after invited competitions between emerging architecture and graphic design studios in Stockholm.


Supervisor: Kieran Long

Photos: Kristofer Johnsson and Studio Reko

Proposal illustrations: Dehlin Brattgård Architects

Graphic design: Studio Reko


Collective Collection


School + Museum

Behind the Glass

Non-human City

State of Lacuna

Color & Shape

Social Things



Skog i Stad

Chair 1&2

Nya Linjer