Graduation Project - Man & Communication at Design Academy Eindhoven - Netherlands - 2018


Collective Collection is a crowd-sourced exhibition concept visualising the online presence of art exhibitions. Using photogrammetry and the visitors' images from Instagram, the project is asking: What happens when the public gets to decide which art is the most important? The project is also about what we believe that we have seen: When seeing a space through social media, we might be led to think that we know how it is to be present in that space. But as the re-construction clearly shows, what we know is only fragments of the physical space.


Since the permission of photography within museum exhibitions—which coincidentally (?) co-related with the birth of Instagram—a significant change in our relationship to art and art exhibitions has happened. Meanwhile the visitor numbers have gone up, it seems that these visitors often experience the space and its content through their camera lens, or at least through the search of the perfect picture.


The visitors have transformed from passive spectators to virtual storytellers, as they upload the narratives of their museum visits to social media. Carefully altering their images and writing their statement in its caption - curating the information for their followers. Collectively, they create a cabinet of curiosities of sorts and are essentially virtually curating the already curated exhibitions.


Each day, around twelve thousand people visit Salle des États at Musée du Louvre in Paris. During one week in May 2018, 306 Instagrammers uploaded a picture of themselves, in colour, in front of the artworks in this particular exhibition, and geotagged it at the museum. Collectively, these photographs form a collection revealing the focus of interest of these Instagrammers.


Using a photogrammetry software, these photographs have built up a spatial re-construction of Salle des États. Patterns become visible: The higher level of detail in the re-construction, the higher level of interest from the visitors. Areas of the exhibition that were documented less frequently become distorted or are even completely left out, while well documented areas—such as around the popular painting of Mona Lisa—are depicted almost perfectly.




Winner of Ung Svensk Form 2019


On display:

Dutch Design Week, G18 at De Campina (Eindhoven), October 20-29, 2018

Ung Svensk Form at ArkDes (Stockholm), February 4 - March 31, 2019

Ung Svensk Form at Form/Design Center (Malmö), June 13 - end of August, 2019

Ung Svensk Form at BoMo (Borlänge), December 5 - February 25, 2019/20


Professors: Ryan Pescatore Frisk & Catelijne van Middelkoop

External examinator: Angelique Spaninks

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