Mikaela Steby Stenfalk



An interactive, multi-disciplinary, installation dealing with smell - Design Academy Eindhoven - 2015


In a collaboration between Design Academy Eindhoven and Nemo Science Center in Amsterdam, we explored the possibilities to create tools for child psychologists to analyze children's’ behaviour.


To create a situation where the child and its guardian would be on the same level, discovering the installation, we choose to work with smell. We set up a game, where the children and their guardian could test their way to a specific smell. And the way the children reason with the alternatives is what our psychologist wanted to observe. We tested our prototypes on two separate occasions at Nemo Science Center, during the spring of 2015.


In collaboration with Jade Chan & Kicki van Caspel.

Professor: Karianne Rygh & Michelle Baggerman


More information about the collaboration: prototypingtheunknown.wordpress.com


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