Mikaela Steby Stenfalk

Skog i Stad (Stad i Skog)


A speculative project questioning the current urban planning situation/laws in Sweden - School of Architecture at KTH Royal Institute of Technology - 2016


Skog i Stad (Stad i Skog) is a speculative project questioning the current urban planning situation/laws in Sweden, and aiming to present an alternative. One that better fits our countries' identification with the forest and leaves room for future developments and a design diversity in the city.


We wanted to create an even fade of houses - from Forest in the City (Skog i Stad) to City in the Forest (Stad i Skog) - to meet Stockholm's desperate need of housing and still keep true to the Swedish ideal of living closely to nature. So we divided the area into a strict grid of 5 x 5 meter squares which becomes the base for the whole city. Anything that is to be placed or removed from the area had to follow its strict lines. The footprint of each building may contain a maximum of 2 x 3 squares, unless it holds specific needs for the society (such as a school or the subway station).


In addition to regulating the buildings to the grid, they were as well regulated by a system of blocks (based on the grid). The blocks started relatively small in the centre, and grew proportionally as the distance to the centre got bigger. This was to create and maintain the fade when the city grows, as every block may only build a maximum of 15 squares each time it's exploited. And every block needs to be exploited fully before the next phase of exploitation can begin.


In collaboration with Paulina Aydin, Lisa Enbom and Jakob Hördegård.

Professor: Maria Papafigou & Ori Merom


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