Mikaela Steby Stenfalk

State of Lacuna


The concept and visual identity of a speculative country in international waters - Design Academy Eindhoven - 2016


As a reaction on the current situation of our world, where millions of people are fleeing war and destruction, while the rest of the world is closing their boarders. It is an equation that will not add up, so we created a speculative solution.


"In a world where a the global political climate is getting rougher, millions of people are trying to run. Society is putting pressure on us to take side, formulate an opinion - help or protest. It seems like society is closing in on us, our population is growing larger, while our lands stay the same.


But we provide an option, that takes you far away from the problems of the land. The State of Lacuna, conceived by The Captain is an island that exists on international water. Property of no one, property of all. You may live a life, free from choice, where you hold responsibility solely for yourself. Lacuna is created, for the indecisive, the unpolitical, and silent mass of the world. We manifest our existence outside of this world’s events, and all the responsibility that comes with them.


Join us in this lacuna of leisure and ease, on the relaxing waves of the open sea. We offer you a sanctuary, free of burdens and obligations of the current world. Do not stay longer than necessary in the struggles of the lands."


In collaboration with Jade Chan, Lelya Kimel, Jelle Spieker, Floor Hofmann, and Millie Herpin.

Professor: Ryan Pescatore Frisk & Catelijne van Middelkoop


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