Mikaela Steby Stenfalk



Exploring the possibilities of Elevated printing together with CRISP (Design Academy Eindhoven) and Océ Canon - Venlo, Netherlands - 2014/15


The research project, led by Karianne Rygh, was focusing on how the creative industries can collaborate with technology companies in identifying new markets and applications for new technology. While my main task, as a Design Research Assistant, was to conduct experiments with this new technology, following the course of the research.


What started out with testing different sorts of (architectural) material to print on, ended up in Japanese folding techniques, game developing, and finally moire effects.


A couple of months into the project, I was asked to join Océ Canon to further explore the possibilities of elevated printing within advertising, which I continued working with next to my studies for a about 6 months.


The original project was exhibited at Design Academy Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2014, and the publication was released during Dutch Design Week 2015.


Supervisor: Karianne Rygh


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