Collective Collection of Mona Lisa

Mimicking a three-dimensional scanner, the public collectively build up a fragmented, digital reality which is joint through photogrammetry. The method works in a forensic way, which allows us to experience a collective memory of a space through the lens of social media. Its re-construction very clearly visualises the gap between what we believe that we have seen through the internet and what we have actually seen.

In the case of Mona Lisa’s exhibition in Paris—one of the most frequently photographed rooms on earth—patterns quickly became visible: Areas of the exhibition that were documented less frequently became distorted or even disappeared completely, while well captured areas—such as around Mona Lisa—were depicted almost perfectly.

Material: Digital print on polystyrene
Year: 2018
Displays: ArkDes (2019), Form / Design center (2019), Göteborg design (2019), The Conference (2019), BoMo (2019)

Winner of Young Swedish Design 2019 and reciever of Arvet (former Folkhem) Architecture Grant.

Images by Rana Van Pellecom, Iris Rijskamp, Mikaela Steby Stenfalk
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© Mikaela Steby Stenfalk