De Drie Wijzen uit Oost

What traces do we leave online when we visit the city? And how do these traces seduce us into exploring sameness?

In an audiovisual installation, we are presented with fragmented spaces composed from Instagram snapshots of bars in Amsterdam owned by a collective of entrepreneurs called ‚De Drie Wijzen uit Oost'.

At the same time, we listen to the equally shattered memories of the bar visitors while experts reflect on the mechanics behind the dynamics that keep bringing us back. The story of De Drie Wijzen uit Oost tells us about the interplay between Instagram, aesthetics, gentrification and city politics.

In collaboration with Sjoerd ter Borg.

Material: Film (18:09 mins)
Year: 2019

De Drie Wijzen is develped during a residency at Waag Society. Made possible by the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab, with the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Link: De Drie Wijzen uit Oost [short clip] 

Images by Lotta Törnroth, Waag Society 

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